Monday, May 3, 2010

all packed with two sleeps to go!

what a weekend! it was a perfect action packed weekend, including sick baby's (not so perfect), dog races and gooooood food. (just what i needed to get my mind of wishing Wednesday would hurry up and come) i smiled a hell of a lot this weekend here's a few things that really made my cheeks ache;

waiting for daddy on a Friday afternoon

we wait, half heartedly watching playschool with the mobile sitting on my lap waiting for the call..... then it comes!!! DADDY IS ONLY 5 MINS AWAY!! on go our boots then out we go;
first the nasty job of chasing the ducks back into the back yard

then off up the street

then we see the yellow car coming (oh the joy)

"this way daddy!"

and of course lilly then gets to drive the car up the driveway.....

we love Friday afternoons!

baby training
anyone who has met my dogs would know they are crazy and incapable of doing anything but casing balls (Ellie) and chasing Ellie (scope). my Szymon decided to take matters into his own hands recently and has trained Lilly to round the ducks up and send them back over the fence...

while sitting having happy hour in the back yard curiosity seems kick in and over they come....

"round the back"
"get em up"
and finally "PUSH Lilly PUSH"
Nundle dog race

this was a "have to be there to believe what you are seeing" kind of event.... people come from far and wide to let their dogs believe just for one day they are grey hound racing dogs.... its amazing, there was the dog Darby, the high jump, the steeple chase, the RSPCA mongrel stakes, the novelty race and of course the great Nundle dog race....

picture this if you can (and if you cant I've included pictures)

everyone lines up with their dogs, a catcher and a handler,
the handler kneels downs and takes firm hold of the dog (if you don't have a good grip there is a break and the race takes another 10 mins to get started as everyone runs around trying to catch the loose dog)

then slowly the catchers walk backward to the finish line, keeping eye contact with the dog. the yelling and whistling is amazing, everyone trying their best to keep their dogs attention.

then the started yells: "ready, set, GO!!" down goes the yellow flag.... and they're off!!!

its hilarious... some of the dogs seems to say stuff that and sit down, some know freedom when they see it and take off to the edge of the oval and some of the dogs see it as an opportunity to sniff some butts, wag some tails and bare some teeth.....eventually though a dog crosses the line and a winner is declared!!

best day out, I'd recommend it to everyone!
two sleeps to go
I'm off to Adelaide for a holiday!! no events, no reason just a holiday (mainly to cram in enough family time to get me to July).... I'm all packed and now not so sure what to do with myself (Lilly and i also have nothing to wear into town for my nail appointment except PJ's and really really old jeans) oh well Wednesday will come soon enough and then the adventure of the plane ride with Lilly Will begin (gulp!)
well till my next smile...that'll do pig, that'll do.
p.s. right now I'm smiling at the events that led up to this picture being taken!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

7 days to go!

I’ve been smiling a lot lately, might be the fact that the 7 day count down has begun till I go to Adelaide for some over due mum time or it could be that my little princess has learnt the art of using words!! I love hearing her ask for a bicket (biscuit) or singing along with that Beiber boy “baby baby baby”

What else is making me smile today;

Our Playschool moment

A few bits of paper, 5 plates and a lot of electrical tape and boom baby we have a car
I guess some of my time at uni must have done something… I thought we did a pretty good job

Lilly loved it she promptly filled it up with big pink bear, Horton the elephant (bet you cant guess what we watched this week) jemima, pink bear, and Stan plonked her self down and demanded a push… as you can imagine mummy didn’t comply for very long so Lilly took to pushing her friends up and down the hall.

I do feel though maybe a bad habit was discovered as we walking in the room to discover this:

Listening to Lilly talk on the phone

Listening to Lilly talk on the phone is like walking down central Hong Kong “hite, ya, hmmm” and the whole time she is nodding her head and waving her hand about…. I hope this isn’t an imitation of me, it looks ridiculous!!

Feeding ducks
Lilly and daddy’s favourite together time is feeding the ducks, as soon as my Szymon gets home from work he asks “should we feed the ducks?” and straight away Lilly is in the kitchen on the floor trying like crazy to get her boots on…once she has succeeded (with a lot of help from mummy) its outside with the seed to be mobbed by 8 always hungry ducks!


Everyone loves a birthday and today is a very special birthday!! My nephew Jackson turns the big one today!! Its been a hard stressful year for my sister and she has come out of it like a hero! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAC JAC!!

till next time keep smiling

P.S. right now I’m smiling at my little girl cuddled in to my neck after asking for “cuggles”, oh it melts my heart!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

rainy day

i love a rainy day!
especially on a weekend day when the three of us are forced to spend time together!! (sucks to be my szymon who would love nothing more then to disappear outside with his beloved lawn mower!)

Whats making me smile this wet long weekend?
my szymon suggested a small bake off to ward off the sarah crazys. the race was then on to get to the fridge first, to be the one who gets to use the last of the butter (probably should have been more organised!) i won and the chocolate chip cupcakes (in the shape of stars) was lillys choice. what fun it is to bake with lilly who has the same baking method as me "the more the mess the better the outcome!"

with all the laughing and banging in the kitchen my szymon couldn't help but come and see what was going on.... bad idea my love!!

Sleep ins!

Lilly woke up at 5 this morning and decided that she needed cuddles in bed, usually this results in jumping on top of mummy and daddy till mummy cracks it and gets up (defiantly not something that makes me smile) this morning however as i was getting out of bed, my szymon jumped up and demanded i go back to sleep he then took our early rising daughter to the lounge and together they drew, had breakfast, read books and built big towers of Lego whilst watching informercials staring Mr T...ahh my hero!!
okay the sleep in only lasted till 7:30 but when you are the mum of lilly that's better then nothing!!
now as my little princess demands some pre nap attention i must away....
until my next smile....keep smiling
p.s. whats making me smile right now; the promise of an afternoon full of dinosaurs!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I've been inspired by other blogs I've been following and i thought "hey i can do that!!" so here i am...

my Szymon always reminds me its good to keep crazy in a bottle sometimes, well I'm sorry folks that's not going to happen here!! your going to get me being me!!

so what has made me smile today...

Lilly is obviously going to be a regular feature on this post due to the fact she makes me smile daily and she is my full time, 24 hours and a day, 7 days a week etc job, and 95% of the time i wouldn't change a thing about her! especially when she dances with me around the lounge to Lady Gaga, Micheal Buble' and the Venga Boys. (we are currently on a break from such dance).

mum and dad getting home,
mum and dad have been on holidays in tassie for the last 3 weeks and oh my lord it has been the longest 3 weeks of my life...(that is clearly an Exaggeration as anyone who has ever been pregnant would know) i have missed my morning phone conversations with my ma...... and i know for a fact the sisters have missed her too!! we have actually had to talk to each other often instead of through mum.....what an inconvenience! :) WELCOME HOME MUM AND DAD!!!!!!

starting a new project
i went to a quilt extravaganza last weekend to get my quilting mojo back and well...lets just say it might have worked to well.... since last weekend i have made a skirt for Lilly (didn't fit but that's not the point), a small koala for a little girl in England (a tit for tat pressy), and dolls house (possibly the best thing i have ever made in my life.....stay tuned for a whole blog dedicated to this house) and now i have started and jelly roll quilt.... love starting things....i just wish i loved sticking at things as much! though i do aim to finish heaps of stuff this year (famous last words)

long weekend
i get my Szymon for 3 WHOLE DAYS...... i sure this doesn't make him smile though.... when i said he likes me to keep crazy in a bottle well... it doesn't always fit and sometimes it leaks out all over him!! i just cant seem to get enough of him when he's home on the weekend.

that's probably enough for today don't want to overload you with my insanity in my first blog.....

till later keep smiling!!

p.s right now I'm smiling at Lilly attempting to walk around the house in her daddy's work boots.....